I don’t have any water coming from my kitchen faucet. Other fixtures are working just fine. What’s the problem?

Faucets have a small attachment called aerators that are screens at the end of a faucet. The devices control the stream of water that comes out of a faucet and reduces splashing. Sometimes this screen gets clogged with minerals from your water. If you are able to unscrew the aerator, you can often fix it yourself by running water through it, using a soft brush to clear the screen, and screwing it back into place. If you are unable to remove the aerator, give us a call. Our techs have tools to help remove the aerator. In some cases, either the aerator or the faucet may need to be replaced.

Should I turn off my water if I’m going to be away from home?

Water from leaking pipes, faucets, or water heaters can do a lot of damage if it isn’t caught quickly. Turning your water off at the main supply valve can help avoid that damage. It’s also best to turn off your water heater. Turning off the gas or electricity to the heater will not damage your heater. If you are going to be gone during the winter months, you need to be sure you protect your house from freezing. You can turn your thermostats down, but unless your house is properly winterized, you shouldn’t turn the heat completely off.

The floor drain in my basement just started stinking. How can I make the smell go away?

Drain lines can get stinky with build-up. Properly installed drains include a trap (like the p-trap under your sink) where water settles and keeps air from backing up from the drain line into your house. If the trap dries out, there is nothing to keep the dirty air out. If pouring a bucket of water down the drain doesn’t solve your problem, give us a call and we can investigate.

Are disposable wipes ok to use?

Short answer: Only if you don’t flush them. Unless it’s toilet paper, which is made to dissolve easily in water, most things are not flushable. Wipes, tissues and feminine products do not break down quickly. They may clear your toilet with a flush (or two), but they can build up farther down your drain and cause problems. Disposing of these items in a lined trash bin is the safest option for your plumbing.

Can I clean my kitchen drain with boiling water?

Most drain lines are no longer made of cast iron or other materials that can withstand heat. Even the best PVC pipes and fittings can be affected by heat over time and start leaking. Use hot tap water to clean your sink, not boiling water. When draining pasta or vegetables, turn on the cold-water tap to lower the temperature of the water going through your drain.

What’s the best way to keep my faucets shiny?

Keep your faucets looking new by wiping them periodically with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or harsh chemicals (ammonia or bleach) when cleaning faucets. I have a micro-fiber cloth under my bathroom sink and use it daily to wipe away water marks.

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