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Water Softener in GarrettsvillE, OH

If you are a homeowner, building manager, or managing a facility, we have the plumbing services to assist you in Mantua, Garrettsville, Hiram, and Aurora, OH.  

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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning, Snaking and Jetting: We have the right tools for the job. Our different machines work in different pipe sizes and lengths to get to the problem. We have the capacity to go more than 175-ft in 4” thru 8” pipe with our large cable machine. Our water jetters can clean out build-up of soap and grease in lines, such as grease lines to interceptors and kitchen sink drains.  

Camera & Location Services

Camera Services & Location Services: Our drain camera equipment is state-of-the-art; we can provide a color digital recording with sound (allowing narrative comments) to help locate and cure problems. If you simply need to locate a line, we have transmitters that attach to the end of the drain snake cables to allow us to locate underground drain locations. For more complicated cases, our cameras are also equipped with transmitters that track the cameras or push cable with a locator device.  

Water Heaters

Water Heater Replacements: We stock tank-type Bradford White water heaters. We offer a full range of replacement heaters such as gas atmospheric vent, gas power vent, electric and propane. Our stair-climber unit allows us to move new water heaters into basements and remove the old units from most residences with just one plumber, keeping the cost down to you. We also offer tank-less water heater units, installation and repairs.  


Water Treatment: Reduce wear on your appliances and enjoy sparkling, clean water with our service and sales of water softeners, iron removal systems, acid neutralizers, filters and chemical feed pumps. Reverse osmosis and carbon filters purify water for drinking or for use in plant processes.

Backflow Prevention Testing, Repairs and Installation

Backflow Prevention Testing, Repairs and Installation: We are able to test and repair any major brand of backflow preventer from small to large commercial units, including fire prevention units. We stock a variety of parts on the service truck for the units we most commonly service. We are able to do confined space testing of backflow units in vaults. We also can supply and install new backflow units when the need arises.  

Pressure Tanks and Well Pumps

Pressure tanks and well pumps: We stock several sizes of pressure tanks and all the items required to connect them to a system. We also stock several sizes of submersible well pumps and all the items required to connect them to a system. We can bring your well into compliance if it is below grade and needs extension.


We stock a variety of white, water-saving, good-flushing toilets in round front, elongated and handicap (taller toilets) models. We also stock a variety of common replacement faucets in chrome. We have suppliers that handle all major brands, styles and finishes. If you have a product or style in mind, our plumbers can probably supply it for you.  


Sump Pumps: We stock and install submersible sump pumps for your drainage needs.
Sewage Pumps:
 We install, replace and repair sewage pump systems.


Keep your home or facility comfortable. We work with hydronic heating of many different types, including baseboard, radiators and in-floor installations and repairs. We also sell and service boilers. Installation of zone valves, thermostats, fill systems, expansion tanks.  

Gas, Water, Storm and Sanitary Piping

Gas lines: SCPC installs, modifies and repairs gas lines in houses, and factories. We'll also keep you safe by locating and repairing leaks in house gas lines.

Water Lines: Our plumbers repair, replace and install water lines in a variety of different materials depending what best meets your needs. Replacement of leaking or non-functioning valves.

Sanitary lines: Replacement of older leaking systems, and systems that have flow issues. Installation of new sanitary systems. The majority of this piping is done in PVC, although we have done some specialty systems over the years.

Roof Drains: Installation, repairs and replacement of roof drains. Our plumbers often have been involved in replacement of lower sections of roof drains due to physical damage, and have come up with custom methods to deal with replacement of these sections. Having our camera on hand can be a valuable asset to determine how extensive the damage is below the floor.

More Services

Lime removal from tank-less water heaters and boilers.

Piping Insulation: We also sell and install fiberglass and foam type pipe insulation. Installation and service of piping systems: Steel and galvanized offering grooved piping, threaded piping, press steel and welded. We can thread pipe up to 4” onsite.

Copper: We offer traditional sweat and press fittings.

Piping to suit your needs: No matter what type of piping you need, we’ve probably used it: brass, stainless steel, copper, PEXa, PVC and CPVC, polyethylene fusion, Aquatherm polypropylene fusion systems.

Core Drilling: We have capabilities to core drill holes in concrete, etc.

Inspection and cleaning of roof drains.  

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